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Pete Yorn w/ Ben Kweller [3/2/11]

Ben Kweller and Pete Yorn! Ben’s solo acoustic set included quotes from Dazed and Confused, working the riff from “Enter Sandman” into “The Rules,” and celebrating Dusty’s birthday (note:  Dusty may or may not be real).  Bootlegs!

Walk On Me


The Rules


Pete Yorn.  Pete went to Syracuse.  I went to Syracuse.  Naturally, we are bros.  The last time I saw Peter was October, 2003 at Syracuse’s Goldstein Auditorium.  Unlike the Columbus performance, no one at the show had a seizure that night.

Yes, some dude in the middle of the crowd had a full-on epileptic seizure halfway through the set on account of the frenetic light show being projected onto the screen behind the band from the soundboard.  I have only witnessed one other seizure in my life.  Alisha Tidwell, 3rd (or maybe 4th) grade.  She was fine.  This dude turned so pale that I legitimately thought he was dead.  And Peter played on!  For the 20 minutes this guy was on the floor, the show never stopped.  Finally, the Columbus Fire Department showed up to assist the guy; Pete went on to accommodate the persistent crowd with an acoustic rendition of “Burrito” during the encore.  So win-win, I guess.

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