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Rock On The Range 2011

When 70,000 metal fans converge on Crew Stadium, you’re going to see some weird stuff. Like a wheel chair getting crowd surfed. Or a guy wearing a Kimbo Slice hoodie without any sort of irony. Or levels of intoxication capable of creating a spectacle. But you’re also going to see some incredible bands.  

Rather than provide a lengthy update, I’ll defer to Spin to provide the 10 best moments of the festival, including acknowledgement of the drunk dude’s antics as one of the most memorable.  Yes, my description is quoted in the recap; no, I do not feel ashamed to promote it.  See below.

I would add 2Cents, All That Remains, and Bullet For My Valentine as great performances.  Lots of pits and crowd surfing throughout.

People come from all 50 states, Mexico, and Europe to attend Rock On The Range.  In five years it has grown into a truly premiere music festival.  Like Nelsonville, it’s exciting to think about Columbus and Ohio in general becoming a music destination.  Fingers crossed for TOOL next year.  More photos below.

Whenever a pit broke out, security would go in an form a ring around the perimeter.  Never seen anything like it.

The now legendary drunk guy:

Just a day out with grandma

Too crunk to move

All That Remains!

“death” metal

What does it mean?

A Perfect Circle


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