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Animal Collective [7/9/11]

Budding concert-goer Dave Garman and I recently had the opportunity to see Animal Collective perform at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. We imagined it would be like seeing The Beatles at Abbey Road, Pink Floyd on the dark side of the moon, or Led Zeppelin amongst ancient ruins, surrounded by mysterious naked children.

In reality, it was just like seeing Animal Collective at any other venue, which in and of itself is great, but we were expecting something special for Merriweather. Maybe Merriweather would be played in its entirety! Maybe Noah would do some Panda Bear tracks! If either happened, I warned Dave I might barf.

Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for our neighbors), neither of those scenarios occurred as the set featured a lot of new material, which is standard for Animal Collective shows. In fact, the first song (Change) featured Deacon on vocals, which is strange considering that until April he had taken a four year hiatus from the group. Apparently, he is back and a major part of the creative process again.

The highlight of the set was a mid-set three song block featuring a combination of new and old material.

First up was “Take This Weight,” a song featuring Panda Bear on vocals while playing drumset that sounded like it could have easily been a Tomboy b-side. Next was “Knock You Down,” a futuristic raver with a sample that sounded like it was created from the freaking Matrix. And finally, much to the crowd’s delight, Merriweather standout “Brothersport.”

A great show from some of the most original guys making music.

Set here. Video below.

Take This Weight 32:20 -Knock You Down 40:30 -Brother Sport 48:40

Next up, more back-dated posts!

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