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Fucked Up, Wavves [9/28/11]

Not often does a band’s name describe how you feel after their show, but after Fucked Up, I was definitely fucked up.   Read more


Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen [9/15/11]

Sometimes the universe takes a dump on you, like when your crush cracks your back before class and you lose control of your bowels. But other times, the stars align and you’re able to score a ticket to witness Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and The Walkmen perform a one-night only indie rock Superbowl in Phoenix, AZ. Thankfully, I experienced the latter. Read more

Justin Townes Earle [8/29/11]

Rarely is it possible to feel far from the stage at Rumba Cafe, but when Justin Townes Earle sold it out, the normally intimate venue became a colossal space full of sweaty, beer-guzzling hicks (myself included). Read more

Animal Collective [7/9/11]

Budding concert-goer Dave Garman and I recently had the opportunity to see Animal Collective perform at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. We imagined it would be like seeing The Beatles at Abbey Road, Pink Floyd on the dark side of the moon, or Led Zeppelin amongst ancient ruins, surrounded by mysterious naked children.

Read more

My Morning Jacket [8/8/11]

Is there a band that enjoys performing as much as MMJ?  Is there a frontman as entertaining as Jim James?  Am I writing this while drinking something other than Faygo Redpop?  No.  No to all.     Read more

Summer Concerts

Right now I’m sitting in my underwear, sweating profusely, craving an ice cream sandwich. Either I’m pregnant or it’s summer. Probably the latter, which means the summer concert season has arrived. Here’s a list of places to spend those sticky nights: Read more

Nelsonville Music Festival 2011

Unless you are really into boots, Nelsonville, OH is usually just a pit stop between Columbus and Athens.  This past weekend, though, Nelsonville became a destination for an eclectic group of musicians, merchants, fans, and families as the campus of Hocking College played host to the 7th annual Nelsonville Music Festival headlined by The Flaming Lips.   Read more

…and you will know us by the trail of dead, Surfer Blood [5/5/11]

Contrary to its modern day significance, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of cerveza, tacos, or Lee Trevino. In fact, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the vastly outnumbered Mexican militia’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Only appropriate on this day, then, to take in a show featuring bands whose names invoke images of a massacre.   Read more

Brand New [4/29/11]

When Brand New announced five shows back in February, an Ohio date was unfortunately absent.  So, we packed up our skinny jeans and burned an emo mix for an angst-ridden road trip to the nearest tour stop–Pittsburgh. Read more

Foals, Freelance Whales, The Naked and Famous [4/27/11]

Let me begin by expressing a general disdain for the ownership of Outland. They routinely fail to achieve what even the most dysfunctional middle school drama clubs have accomplished–presenting a live performance.  They’re so bad that a majority of the crowd missed the first opener, The Naked and Famous, because of Outland’s inability to simply let people in the door.   Read more